Varia has a long history of conflict and terror, but that means there's never a dull moment.  Most Varian historians consider there to be six ages of history.  They are detailed below.  If you want to learn about Legendary Heroes, look here Legendary Heroes

First Age:  Since the beginnings of recorded history man has sought greater understanding of his world.  Magic runs amok and is completely chaotic.  The primal and absolute nature of magic corrupts any soul that attempts to study it.  This has lead to the Brotherhood of the veil’s rise to power.  The Brotherhood of the Veil has learned the systems of magic but at the cost of their morality.  They seek to eliminate anything that interrupts their climb to power.  Eventually, A legendary hero (Ryan) rose to stop them, but was killed in his attempt to resist the influences of magic.  It was then that the holy knights of the gods appeared, calling themselves The Paladins of Purity.  The Paladins harnessed the divine power of the gods and over the course of several years built the Pure Temple on an island out of reach of the Brotherhood.  This temple radiated an energy that calmed magic, allowing certain humans to learn its ways without consequence.  With magic tamed and the brotherhood defeated, the first age drew to a close.

Second Age:  The Second Age begins with seventeen years and five months of peace and harmony before the elemental havoc ensues.  The new wizards began to battle using their magics, as each believed his element to be superior.  The wizards fought for many years, their battles consuming many villages.  It was then that a man (Lawrence) drew upon the magic within himself to halt the conflict.  The people were enamored and elected for him to sovereign over the people as king.  The world than began to be consumed by the elemental magic latent in the land.  It was soon discovered that since the Wizards had ceased their fighting, magic had begun to seep through into the daily lives of mortals.  The king declared each elemental wizarding school erect a temple to contain the energy of their chosen element.  The Wizards realized that building a temple in the kingdom itself would only create bigger problems, so the schools of Forest, Fire, Water, and Light banded together to find a way to enter the plane of Magic and created the Planesmirrors.  Each school tuned the mirrors to their element and used their magical energy to erect a temple in its own plane of existence.  These temples calmed the energy of magic and the world returned to normalcy.  There was once again peace, and the Sorcerer King oversaw that peace until his death.

Third Age:  The third age begins with the coronation of the new king, the Sorcerer king’s first son.  This new king championed light magic and oversaw a time of light dominated peace.  It would prove to be short-lived as his junior sister started her study of the ways of the Shadow.  The princess devoted years of her life studying and teaching dark magic to her students.  After a few years, the students had grown so many in number that they gave themselves the name “Sisters of the Untamed Path.” This annoyed the male students slightly.  The Sisters of the Untamed Path frightened the king and they were rounded up and imprisoned at the newly constructed Prison Camp, Incarceron, and tortured to determine who created and ran the Sisterhood.  The males were ridiculed without end by the guards, some guards even going as far as to castrate them.  The Princess was eventually discovered, but before she could be captured, she wrapped herself in shadow, allowing herself to succumb to the influence of untamed magic.  She then slew the task force assigned to catch her and disappeared.  She fled and established a new home in the Royal Family’s Tomb, converting part of it into the Palace of Shadows.  Her dark magic allowed for dark Magic to run untamed, just as the other magics had before.  The leader of the Light Wizards, Archmage Roland, stormed the tomb to put a stop to the Princess.  When she died, the Light Wizard bound the energy of the shadow magic to the Palace of Shadows, creating the Shadow Temple.  This concentration of darkness tainted the land, causing the area around the tomb to require a cleansing by fire, leading to permanently scorched land around the temple site.  Knowledge of the Shadow Temple eventually fell from the public knowledge as the world returned to normalcy.  Incarceron was kept open to be used as a prison for the most violent offenders.  The Third age comes to an end with the great frost that sweeps through the north.

Forth Age: The Forth Age begins with the first battle of the Tundra.  The gods took to the mortal plane and did battle.  They recruited armies of their loyal followers to fight on the front lines.  Maladus, Archdevil of disaster and cataclysm,  attempted to freeze the land due to a lack of belief in him.  This angered many of the gods popular in the region.  As Maladus froze the land and inspired belief he gained immeasurable power.  The other gods joined forces to stop Maladus, leading to the start of the God Wars.  The gods fought many battles throughout the land.  This caused a ripple in the magical energy of the world, knocking magic back into its chaotic state.  This caused the wizards to scramble to stop the onset of corruption.  The wizards gathered together and use their collective strength to melt away some of Maladus’ ice.  This stabilizes the world’s magic and allows the other gods to seal him away  The final battle of the God wars, The Battle of Spire Mountain, saw the gods of the elements (now called the Old Gods) Put their faith in a champion, A plain by the name of Maya.  Maya used the Holy blade to slay maladies and carve his soul into eight pieces.  The gods each hid a piece away, with Maya hiding the last piece somewhere on Varia.    

With Maladus subdued the land slowly returned to normal, except for the mountains, which remained frozen.  The people renamed the tallest mountain Icicle mountain, and the most intrepid dared to settle on its peak.  Humans loyal to Maladus also climbed the mountains, building temple of ice to revere the destructive deity.  These sentients spent years looking for the soul shard that Maya had hidden away.  No one knows if they were successful.

Fifth Age:  Peace was short lived as the fourth age came to a close.  With a mighty quake, a rift opened in the northeast of the kingdom, and monsters spilled forth.  The rift brought heat and desolation to the north, and as the land around the rift turned to sand and the monsters started to spread, the people fled south, including the north’s large elvish population.  The elves homeland, now swallowed by desert also was home to one of the centers of magic, the Spirit Temple.  The temple was built in the Elves' great forest as an place of self reflection and inner peace. After the rift opened, it sunk, and ferocious monsters chased the elves away.  As the elves slowly migrated into the human lands to the south, the humans became resentful as elves got jobs and things worsened for humans.  The king, still scrambling to control the magic that was leaking from the Spirit Temple, blamed the elves for the problems with magic, and began rounding up elvish families and taking them to the incarcerated for interrogation.  The fifth age comes to a close when the ArchMage of the red wizards, Tristan Tailor, Raises a massive wall to stop the advance of the desert.  With the desert tamed, and the immediate threat dealt with, people begin to grow resentful of their new, Elvish, neighbors. 

sixth Age:  The sixth age begins with the nightmare of the blue wizard, an apprentice by the name of Tyvola.  Tyvola’s Archmage, the Blue wizard Teagan, sends her to the green wizard monastery north of Inceptown to figure out things. The king has amplified his campaign against elves, apprehending them en masse and putting them in several new prison camps.  


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