Old Gods

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Varia has no standard religion, so there are a good many gods and goddesses worshipped by Varian sentients.  There are, however, a group of gods that have been forgotten by most of the continent.  These gods still exist, but after the God Wars they fell out of favor and then fell from the minds of the populace.  

Lydia:  Lydia is the goddess of the forest.  She watches over the forest temple and can weave the forest in any way she pleases.  Lydia may speak through the mouth of any creature in her forests.

Megaan:  Megaan is the goddess of the forge and flame.  She guards the Fire Temple and has power over any flame.  She has the ability to fly, and can speak through any fire.  

Darren:  Darren is the god of the open sea.  He guards the Water Temple.  He can manipulate water to do anything he wants and can move through water invisibly.  He can speak through clean water and can purify water instantly.  

Raven:  Raven is the goddess of shadow.  She guards the Shadow temple and is responsible for sorting sentient souls for whatever afterlife awaits.  She has the ability to appear and disappear at will, and can speak to someone using their own shadow.  She can also coat an area in impenetrable blackness.  

Larry:  Larry is the god of light.  He guards the Light Temple and is responsible for guiding the souls to the Shadow Temple.  He has the power to inspire the light of hope in any being, and can communicate via light waves.  He can also emit a blinding flash.  

Old Gods

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