Witch of the Old God

Session recap 9/22/2016

Forest Temple, Tyvola's Notes

This temple is massive.  I can't believe that the greens made this place.  We finally got a moment to ourselves now that we're sealed in this little worship chamber.  I think the White wizard we've been traveling with is getting a bit nervous, especially when those spiders showed up.  Our Dwarf had a good time driving out the impurity in that chamber.  He's a green knight, so I think he's doing his best to save this nature temple.  The group is resting now, so i'm going to put this notebook away and get some sleep.  

I'm glad that Eleamous is ok.  He showed up to lead us into the inner sanctum of Lydia where the last of Maladus' impurities remained, and Simone was there, doing Magic that I haven't ever seen before.  She condensed all of the taint into a gem she called a "soul shard"  and then shoved it into Eleamous.  We were able to knock him out and pull it away, but Simone escaped again.  Lydia showed up and bestowed her symbol upon one of our people.  She called it a Forest Medallion, and it gave our girl some strange powers.  Lydia healed us up and made a portal for us.  I headed through and am sitting here waiting for the others to come through.  



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