Witch of the Old God

The Second Tyvola Letter

The brief glimpses of the outside I get between sessions with Simone fill me with more dread than what Simone will do to me.  The world outside has turned Dark.  The sun is an ebony disk in the sky, ever burning, never setting.  The grass is black and shiny as it sparkles like iron.  The very air here is toxic.  There's a cynical beauty of it all.  With Simone invading me in every possible way, I can take comfort that the world is just as dark as my mind.  

Simone has used me again.  My body stings with the pain of her, but it's my heart that hurts the most.  This woman used to love me.  We used to have a beautiful relationship.  Now all we have is a cycle of abuse and I have a damaged sex.  I know that she's still in there somewhere.  I see it in her eyes sometimes, at least I hope I do.  SHe may be keeping me as her prisoner, but she has to be at least a part of the woman I once loved.  

I hope you find me soon, Heroes.  I'll be ok for a while, but I can feel the effect of this place on my mind.

Not a Damsel in Distress,
Tyvola Blue



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