Witch of the Old God

It was supposed to be easy.  I was supposed to head to the Green wizard and druid monastery and consult the archmage about my nightmares.  It was all going so well until that girl, i think her name is Eryn, came up behind me.  I mean, Just because I mention the Forest Temple doesn't mean we're all going on a grand adventure.  It's nice to have the muscle though, and she knows the Great Forest of Nohr like the back of her hand.  I wouldn't have a problem bringing her along if it weren't for the fact that she's so itchy with her blade.  It seems like every time Gaius makes a joke or says anything Eryn doesn't like she's super quick to draw her blade.  
Gaius is his own matter entirely.  I'm not sure why he's coming with us, but he decided to tag along.  He does well enough on his own, and he can hold his own in a fight too.  We have another woman traveling with us now too.  I don't remember her name because she doesn't talk very much at all.  She's supposed to be this grand manipulator or something, but I'm not impressed.  

We made it to the monastery, and the green archmage told me about the end of creation because of trouble in the elemental temples.  I'm not too sure on the idea of going across multiple planes of existence and all, but if the world is in trouble I'm going to help save it.  I live here after all. 

I'm actually writing from Everwild, a mystical forest situated in another realm entirely.  The archmage sent us here through a weird mirror.  I'm not sure how that works, but we're here.  There's supposed to be a temple at the other side of these woods, but so far all the group has done is squabbled.  We managed to make it through part of the forest, but we've been travelling for two days and this forest seems without end.  I hope we get to the Forest Temple soon, otherwise Gaius may kill Eryn.  



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