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Varia has a good many organizations, some very public and some are so secretive people barely know they exist.  They are detailed below.  

Redeemers:  A secret society that collects broken people.  No one knows their operations, but people proudly wear their symbol.  The order helps people feel better somehow.  (Lawful Good).

Elves for not being slaughtered (ENBS):  A group of militant freedom fighters who are launching attacks on the land that is killing their people The elves try to avoid places with large populations of women and children, and attack military installations instead.  (Chaotic Good).  

Lady-Loving Halflings:  A group of hedonistic halflings that celebrates their love for female sentients.  These halflings revere the female form, believing it to be the superior body type.  There are many sects of these halflings scattered throughout Varia.  (Neutral)

Yandere: Yandere are a group of people who feel no typical emotion.  They instead feel only a desire to obtain the sentient their hearts have fixated upon.  The Yandere only care selfishly about each other and their sentient bedfellows.  The Yandere don't take well to outsiders, especially if the outsiders are seen as threats.  Yandere Will murder anyone who they percieve as trying to interfere with their quest for their desired sentient.  (Chaotic Neutral)

Followers of Maladus:  These are sentients who have dedicated themselves to the service of the Archdevil Maladus.  These people seek to revive Maladus from the Soul Shards that are scattered throughout the Realms.  (Lawful Evil)

Wizard Schools:  

Red Wizards specialize in Fire Magic.  They value burning passion in their studies and work hard to make new discoveries in magic theory.  

Blue Wizards specialize in water magic.  They value flexibility in their studies, allowing them to take an idea and perfect it by experimentation.  

Green Wizards specialize in forest magic.  They are the most easygoing of the wizards.  This allows for them to more easily repeat experiments to optimize their magic.  They value the natural calm of nature

White Wizards specialize in light magic.  These wizards are the most inspired, allowing them to create new ideas and craft them into a usable form.  These wizards generate the most new spells. 

Black Wizards are shrouded in mystery.  No one has seen a practicing black wizard since the shadow princess’ execution.  


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