Witch of the Old God

Session Recap 9/15/16

Great forest, Tyvola's notes

Simone Blanche, That's a name I hoped I would never hear again.  

To recap, I am Tyvola, a blue wizard traveling through the forest plane of Everwild with my band of misfits trying to save the gorram multiverse, and things just got a whole lot more complicated. While I was a student at the Northern Blue Wizard Academy, I met a woman named Simone.  Simone was something special, you could see it when you looked at her.  She was an excellent student too.  She was studying the geometry of Frozen spells in the library when I wandered up to her.  We became fast friends, and from there things get a little too intimate for this notebook.  Anyway, Simone and I were together for a few years when she started to turn away from the blue school of evocation, instead swearing loyalty to a school of magic I had never heard of.  She imbued some of the spells into my brain to show me how amazing they were before the headmistress threw her out of the academy.  I would sneak away to see her on occasion, but she seemed strange.  I eventually decided that our relationship wasn't going to work like I thought, so I snuck away to see her one last time.  She was not pleased with this news and bound me for three days before I was able to free myself and escape.  I hadn't seen Simone since.  

Until yesterday when she attacked my friends.  We were in Merida when someone saw her on a roof.  She disappeared and I told the group about how dangerous she is.  Then we made it to the Forest Temple where she attacked us.  Some of us are still injured from the fight, but there's still evil in the temple so we can't rest yet.  



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